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"Remember colour is energy made visible!"

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DATH is the collaborative work of Louise Rowland and Niamh Moloney. Both met while studying at The Glasgow School of Art. Through a continually growing friendship they have recognised a shared interest in the experience of making art as a method of self-soothing.

DATH workshops invite you to bring your whole self for an exploration of mark making and colour.
These workshops will give participants an understanding of colour in relation to our mental and physical well-being. Remember colour is energy made visible!

During our time together we will discover ways in which colour and its application through mark making and play can have a soothing effect on our Selves.

We wish to give participants the space to explore colour through a number of modes with creative outcomes.

Using a variety of pigments, materials along with plenty of discussion, participants will gain an understanding of the use of colour in art, design and the world around us as well as the affect it can have our Selves.