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I Am Not Moving But I Am Moved
Mount Florida Gallery & Studios Glasgow
Preview Friday 18 May 6 - 9 pm Performance at 6:30 pm Open 18 - 20 May 11 - 5 pm

I Am Not Moving But I Am Moved is an exhibition of work by four female artists currently studying a Masters of Letters in Fine Art Practice at The Glasgow School of Art. They come together from different pathway disciplines: Drawing, Performance, Photography & Moving Image to explore a shared interest in the complex relationship between the individual and society.

The presence of female bodies is key to the work of all four artists. All situate these bodies in different ways, whether representing them in the final work or as a trace of a bodily action left behind. These works manifest through introspective and gestural practices that investigate female relationships to both physical and virtual worlds. Though each artist employs different methods, they all reach from a personal place of internal exploration to touch and frame the external world beyond.

Participating Artists

Erin Semple’s work is often an exploration of her personal life and experiences, as she utilises the lens to better understand herself and those around her. Her work, although often introspective in nature, aims to explore the ‘female gaze’ by investigating the self in landscapes and domestic spaces.

Hannah Edward’s practice considers the relationship between her body and landscape. Her work questions the presence and representations of female bodies in real and digital spaces. Edward explores this through performance, video and photography.

Stephanie Black-Daniels uses performance to explore visual and physical languages. Her work is choreographic and situates between a sculptural practice and drawing-based practice. Black-Daniels creates experiences where sound, movement, image, object, light and costume intersect.

Niamh Moloney’s work uses a range of media to understand her internal landscape of sensation and the deep connection between mind, body and spirit. Drawing is core to her practice in seeking to decolonise her body of anxiety and fear; invasive feelings perpetuated through individual bodies by internal and external forces. Moloney makes sculptures and drawings using the simple actions of push, pull, touch and pressure.
I Am Not Moving But I Am Moved Installation

Arachne II & III
Photos by Hannah Edward
Arachne II (detail)

"Arachne" is part of an ongoing series of sculptures drawn in dark corners. The work evokes the myth of Arachne who, by challenging Athena to a weaving contest, confronted the dominant power structure of the society she lived in. Her punishment for this challenge and subsequent victory was to be turned into a spider.
"Arachne" is woven in response to the structure of the gallery space. The work is made with strong gestural movements, creating pressure and revealing the tension of existing in the confines of the structure it inhabits.
Arachne II
Arachne III
Arachne III (detail)