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“Will we opt to stay in woundedness and disconnection, or will we
choose the awakening of the realities of our past and present, so
that we may consciously heal the disempowerment of the female
legacy for an empowered tomorrow?”

Katrina Brady, Astrologer

Tender Lands

The view from 53.3498°N, 6.2603°W, Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin, Ireland) on 25th May 2018

The planets align above Tender Lands pulling bodies through space. The Wounded Healer, Chiron opposes the Moon in Libra, seeking balance. Dreamy Neptune makes connections with expansive Jupiter creating an aura of bountiful glamour and growth.

Deep emotional accents are felt throughout the body today, both the individual and the collective. Energies echoing through you, the landscape, and the stars. Decisions made at this moment will impact the bodies of others on this island in profound ways.

A chance will be taken to heal wounds of the past. To weep tears of release and joy, to know that today this land is a tender place that holds you in care.
Tender Lands

Glasgow School of Art Graduate Degree Show

Photos by Lois Hopwood
Head of Cetus (Detail)