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Published in No More Fun and Games Act III, June 2016

The curtain moves on a journey through galleries 17 to 14. It is a part of my personal journey moving from the old to the new. Moving the image object through the galleries has provided me meditative movement through public space and time. This rapt experience of pure embodied pleasure. Arms reaching, torso twisting stretching in diagonal lines across the body, weaving with fluidity through the gallery space. Pausing… to take a moment… before moving again.

To be fully present in your body, with who you are, at any moment is a deep pleasure which we are not all lucky to experience so often. Observing how it feels to stretch my arms, grasp my hands, the weight of the curtain, the momentum of my body, my muscles working during the slow careful backward steps before the dance beings again. In this space it is enough to be in my body and to move, nothing else is needed. With that comes freedom and grounding. The Feminist Parasite Institution has allowed me space to think and feel and be.

This agency has been given in generosity not only to me but to the other performers. Throughout No More Fun & Games I have felt the desire to speak with and gain knowledge of the other performers. As the closure of the exhibition is imminent I have thought more and more of the many pairs of our hands that have taken a hand in this work, the fingers that fill those white gloves almost every day of the week. The shared experience that we have had though we have not always been present in the same room together; yet I always feel the presence of the other performers at the Feminist Parasite Institution.

We have spent time communicating over email, via post it notes, and drawings. Leaving chocolate gifts, improvised sculptures and positioning of the gloves to welcome the next performer in the morning. We have been reaching out to each other throughout the duration of the Institution in its current form. This reaching out, I hope, will continue on beyond the Hugh Lane to stretch into future work and collaboration. Perhaps we will don the same gloves again or join our hands in another way to make new moments of expression.